Feverfew, Mugwort and Yarrow tea

There are so many herbs one can find in tea blends, some for calming and others for invigoration. Today I needed something completely different. As we get closer to menopause, our cycles tend to go haywire. At least mine is, and today has been brutal. I have found this particular blend to help me on these painful, heavy days. The herbs I use are ones I have grown myself in my organic garden, so I know they are not tainted with pesticides. I did not have a large chamomile harvest last year, so I’ve purchased a box of organic chamomile tea bags supplement my stock and use as a base for this tea. You can use loose green tea if you prefer.

1 tea bag – Organic Chamomile – promotes relaxation and is an anti-inflammatory herb

1/2 tsp. – Organic dried Feverfew – this is an anti-inflammatory herb that can aid in menstruation

1/4 tsp – Organic ginger -chopped – this has anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in pain relief, even dismenorrhea. I add this for flavor and overall good health.

1/2 tsp – Organic dried Mugwort – used to help regulate menstrual cycles and ease painful menstruation. *Please note Mugwort can cause uterine contractions and should never be used if pregnant or nursing. Not recommended for use for longer than 1 week at a time.

1/2 tsp – Organic dried Yarrow – used to stop wound bleeding and heavy menstrual flow

You can put the loose dried herbs and ginger into a separate tea ball and add to your mug with boiling water and steep for up to 5 minutes. Any longer and you risk the tea becoming bitter.

Sweeten with honey rather than sugar to avoid negating the anti-inflammatory benefits of this tea. It has an earthy flavor overall, and is quite pleasant. I found that one mug does the trick for me on my worst days.

Do you have a favorite tea blend that works for you on your worst days? If so, please feel free to share it here. I’m sure we all could use some healing and relaxation during our monthly cycles, and finding new blends and flavors are always fun to try.

(I am not a doctor or pharmacist, and although I do my due diligence when researching herbs and blends for internal use you should always check with your physician before imbibing herbal blends.)

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