Lughnasadh Blessings 🌾

It’s the end of summer, and we are blessed to have a bountiful first harvest this year. The blackberries are ripening, the cucumbers are climbing, and the tomatoes are starting to turn red. Echinacea, lavender, and hyssop are drawing in tons of bees and butterflies, which just makes me happy to see. It’s time to gather the goods, harvest the veggies, and begin the process of long term storage. I canned 4 pints of dill and 4 pints of sweet pickles over the weekend… a first for me. Fingers crossed they taste good because I’ve already given some away!

I promised myself I would make blog entries each month over the summer with updates on the progress of the gardens and orchards. Obviously that didn’t happen hahaha! So I’m trying to forgive myself by reminding me that I DID take pictures each month. It’s a start. The herbal infusions I have made from foraging and my tea/herb garden will be the base for wonderful healing salves this winter. Working on herbal tea blends and home remedies may have taken precedence, but I miss the writing. Oh, and building a front porch also tends to dig into any personal time either of us has right now… priorities!

So as you all gather in your harvests, your hard work, your blood, sweat and tears – may they be fruitful, plentiful, delicious, nutritious, and amazing! May your hearts be full of love and laughter, may your home be filled with joy and family, and may the Gods grant you all good fortune. Bright Blessings!!

Blessed Be, Morgan 💫🖤