Hello everyone,

This blog is about my exploration into the realm of herbal tea blend making, my love of homemade soups and comfort foods, and my love of reading and writing.

Living in rural Maine has given me and my husband a rare opportunity to grow organic herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees. Our trees should be producing fruit within the next two to three years. I can’t wait to make jams and sauces with the apples, peaches and plums we’ll have to harvest.

I’ll be posting recipes of soups that work, tea blends that are helpful for healing and good health, and maybe even some book reviews later on. I hope you enjoy my posts and try out the recipes in your free time.

Take care, Morgan

sunlight hitting center of hydrangea flower
Hydrangea in sunlight
large snowball tree blooms
Snowball tree blooms
bright blue morning glory flower on the vine
Morning glory so blue

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